"We lost our new home because the buyer of our old house pulled out at the very last minute after 3 months."

What if the buyer of your old house suddenly pulls out at the very last minute? Would you be able to manage the mortgage payment for two loans? Do you need the money from the sale of your old house to move into your new one?

These are very common questions that most worry when they are in a property chain. Remember, the buyer is under no legal obligation to buy your property until paperwork is signed. Once any part of the chain is broken, the effects are devastating. Your sale will fall through. Moving into your new home may no longer be possible or worse, you are facing possibilities of not being able to pay for two different mortgages and risking yourself to repossession.

So what can you do now? Put your property back out on the market and start the sales process all over again or risking yourself to more debt by taking a bridging loan for you to move into your dream home?

The solution is simple. Let Quick4Sale help you. Sell your property quickly for fast cash as we have ready buyers that can give you an offer within 48 hours after one viewing. No more hassle and no more fuss. Best of all, this is a guaranteed sale within a 28 days period.