21,987 individuals bankrupted in 2013. Don't fall into the debt cycle and be bankrupt, THE FINAL DESTINATION!

It may be easy to withdraw a loan or spending on credit, but without appropriate financial management, one would simply be on their way to bankruptcy. When monthly repayments become too high and if you resort to more loans to help you save the day, you will simply end up being a victim to the vicious debt cycle.

Then, what's next? You begin considering new methods to pay off the debt.

Selling your car, taking cash advancement from available credit card or worse...remortgaging your property to consolidate your debts into one account, ultimately securing your debts on your home?

Consider the risk you are exposing not only just yourself but also, your family! What if your company decides to lay-off their employees, imagine being made redundant? How would you manage if the interest rate rises? Where would you seek help now, to pay your monthly commitment?

This will become reality! Your home (with the mortgage & loans secured on it) will be at risk of repossession!


Don't meddle with debts! Bankruptcy is SERIOUS! Avoid it at all cost!

When you experience BANKRUPTCY:
  • You lose your home and all assets
  • You no longer have any control to your finances
  • It is made public on local press! That results in shame for yourself and family.

Bankruptcy is a traumatic life event and may take you years before being able to get over it. Although you may be cleared after 5 years, your records will still be kept for up to 15 years by the Department of Trade and Industry, making it difficult for you to ever obtain any form of loan.

No debt should ever be ignored. Don't be bounded by it! Begin by reducing your monthly expenses. At the brink of bankruptcy, consider selling your property, and pay off your debts as

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