Moving abroad? Worry no more with our fast guaranteed sale service!

You and your family have all the papers ready and have planned the big move abroad, in your dream destination. Yet, worrying the sales of your house is seriously holding you back.

Selling through a real estate agent is never an easy journey. It is usually unpredictable and rather stressful. Buyers pulling out or rounds and rounds of viewing while keeping your property in tip-top condition are a huge compromise to your time.

What if you have moved abroad? Imagine being all settled down in your dream home abroad, but there’s just one last thing that worries you daily. Your old house here in Malaysia. Clutching onto the phone awaiting news from your agent daily, while getting updates from now and then is taxing and seriously a waste of time. What about paying two mortgages at the same time?

Why spend time worrying about this anymore? You should be living THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAM once abroad. You should not be worrying yourself with the lengthy sales processes through an agent. Instead, let us at Quick4Sale help you with our 28-days property purchasing promise.

Alternatively, if you are not desperate to sell, we can help by taking over your mortgage payment, considering that we have rented it from you. You will be free from any responsibility while we take care of it for you. In return, you will grant us the option to purchase from you in a period of two to five years time, in a price agreed today.