Selling Your House after a Divorce is not SIMPLE – financially!

Child custody, dividing your assets, looking for a new place to stay, coping with the loss and your emotions, adjusting to your new life and meeting your solicitor are problem enough! Selling your property is a stress that you can do without!

Selling through an estate agent would take months before it is sold and during that time, both you and your ex-partner would still be burdened with the mortgage payments as well. The property is now a liability and causing you and ex-partner to be unable to move on financially and emotionally.

Here’s how we can help. Sell your property for cash with us at Quick4Sale. We have cash buyers ready to give a written offer within 48 hours upon one viewing. Everything will be completed, and you will be receiving the cash within 28 days of completion. You can then set yourself free and rebuild your lives separately. No hidden agency fees too as you are dealing with a buyer directly.